Thursday, January 7, 2010

Post about the Bank of the Nile in 1960

We are looking at the area of the bank of the Nile, drawing it's early in 1965. Where people useful l be so simple and beautiful. There is shine. Generally the suns shine in Omdurman in April. It is usually hot. The men on the left started to cut a piece of wood with a saw. They aren’t finished cutting it. The water carrier filled his tins from the sea and he is taking at his home. The merchant with the sunshade come to the river bank to buy some crops. He is come in his car .his deriver opened the door of his car for him. He is just going back to his shop, but has he yet got into his car. The airplane it not yet landed. It still on the bank .The ferry the from tutee island reached the bank. It going to bank. I’m not ever going to the bank in the week end. I would like to go there sometime. I would like to go there. I think of the bank of the Nile today it was very beautiful. I don't look the same.

A day to remember in my life

I love my college where I met my best friends’ sharifa and Ayaa. I want to write about my first day in the university. I came to university in the morning. I was the first person in the university. I went to the lecture with sharifa and we looked very bad because everybody in the lecture they were laughing at us. We went to the party at the back of the university and we had very nice time. We sat in the university and I went to home in the evening. I really had very nice time in the first day in university.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I spent all my holiday in my hometown. My house is near the seaside. It took me about 15 mins to go the beach .So I go there every morning,When IListened the sound of waves, breathed the fresh air and go for a walk on sand bar. I felt closed to nature and very relaxing. All my trouble were go away. During the time I stay at home.I relized an important thing that if i did not have any pressure , absolutely relaxing ! I could focus on my study effectly.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

about my mobile

Cell phone is a device used for calls and SMS .
My mobile is a Nokia 6600.It very nice.It was a gift from my father.I use it for calls and connect my friend and my family.I spend five hours in calls and I receive 10 SMS .After 8 pm I close me cell phone and in day I don't answer any number don't register in my phone book.and I don't listen or watch videos.

Monday, November 23, 2009

about my father

will Italk about my dad .
He is very Famous Only for me!
He is the greatest father in the father world .He is not hard with we , his children ,He is a not harsh in his laws, He is very cool,He does not get sad from me in any time , any where,He is work as a maneger of BER ALWALDIN COMPANY with my uncle salah. He is works hardly to get us mony,moreover he is very happy, I lovemy dad very much.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

How I use Inter net

The Internet is a very big and huge net that connects the world. I can speak about it on a more post, but I will list the important things only. First it's a learning net work because it's brings to me anything about sciences. Second, it makes me know new people in the entire world. I can make a very big number of fiends. I can chat with them. I can have an email. Third, it takes me to everything I want, anything: like searching about my favorite books, friends, web sites and anything I want to know. This all what I know. I really want to know more about English and the Internet. I want to know how speak English fluently so I can be the best programmer.